Upgrade your Bathroom

Our Yakima, WA bathroom remodeling contractor will ensure your needs are met

Gamache Construction specializes in bathroom remodels. This makes sense when you think about it. We all spend a significant amount of time showering, grooming, primping and preening. Bathrooms are in constant use, which means they quickly deteriorate. Few things are less appealing than rusty toilets and clogged drains. Don’t live in bathroom squalor. Contact Gamache Construction at 509-930-1387 to revamp your space.

Some repairs can’t wait

Owner Jonathan is Gamache Construction’s chief handyman. He’s spent several years mastering industry tricks in order to enhance your home. When it comes to bathrooms, he understands that time is of the essence. He swiftly and efficiently installs:

• Tiling
• Bath tubs
• Showers
• Light fixtures
• Drywall

If you don’t see your installation on the list, call us for more information. We offer free estimates and flexible scheduling. Chances are, we’ve encountered your bathroom remodel need before.